Should I Choose Plank Flooring or Strip?

Solid hardwood flooring is available in two main forms: plank flooring and strip flooring. Strip flooring is a more modern traditional form of wooden flooring, and plank floors are a more modern take on an old world design. The kind of wood you should choose for your home depends on the size of the room you are decorating, your budget and how you want the room to look.
Strip flooring is made up of narrow strips of hardwood that are laid side by side. Strip floors tend to look plain and uniform, and they lack the charm of other kinds of wood. In contrast, plank flooring uses much wider wooden boards, which show off the natural appearance of the wood. Western WidePlank offers texture sanded planks of wood. These planks have been treated to bring out the natural grain of the wood, offering a natural, earthy appearance.
If you are investing in traditional wooden flooring, it makes sense to choose a flooring style that shows off the quality of the wood. Thin strips simply do not work as well for that purpose as broader planks. Wide planks are more visually appealing, easier to lay and generally more hard-wearing than thinner strips. They look good bare, and they look even better when treated with an appropriately colored wood stain.
No matter what kind of wood flooring you choose, take good care of it. Wood is highly susceptible to damage from dampness and excess water, so treat your flooring with a water-resistant finish. Hardwood planks are durable, and it is easier to replace individual wide planks on the floor should damage occur rather than individual strip flooring.

5 Tips on Desinging/Redesigning Your Home Flooring

Flooring is one of the most important features of your house, and probably the least planned for and longest lasting material to be installed. No one can deny the importance of choosing the right flooring when it comes to designing or revamping your house.
Choosing the right flooring is of crucial importance in completing the theme and ambiance of a room and to help you in that task, here are a couple of tips you can take note of:
Collect several inspirational pegs: You can easily find tons of photos of model rooms all over the Internet, from which you can draw inspiration for what you can do with your own house. These images also cater to helping you come up with the overall theme of each room as well.
Consider your floor plan: Also take note of the setup, size, and overall floor plan.
Order samples and visit our virtual showroom: This is like viewing your inspirational pegs in real life. Check out our images of what a full sized room might look like in your desired flooring.
Choose the material and color: Once you have narrowed down your choices based on the samples you have, it’s now time to finalize your flooring material of choice and the most suitable color. If you want something more elegant, maybe choose a rich Walnut; something more rustic and vintage-inspired, go for a Rustic Hickory. If it’s something low-maintenance, or something more environmentally friendly, Western WidePlank Hardwood Flooring is the right answer.
Find the right installer: Once you’re all set, it’s time to choose the best  installer to do the job… and do it right. It’s about giving you the best price for labor, as well as having the reputation of being reliable and easy to work with.

Choosing Hardwood Flooring To Suit Your Decor

The addition of quality hardwood flooring to your home decor makes a remarkable contribution to the value and enjoyment of your living space. Since installing quality wide plank hardwood flooring is an investment in your home, make sure that you first consider the overall style statement that you want your home to make.
Flooring has the power to dramatically change the appearance of your living space, which makes taking a close look at flooring samples such an important first step. Be sure to choose samples that are large enough to truly gauge their impact on each room.
Wide plank hardwood flooring with a close, smooth grain conveys a more contemporary feel to your rooms. Some hardwoods with smooth graining add a sense of elegance and sophistication to your space. On the other hand, wide plank hardwood flooring that is more loosely or roughly grained conveys a more casual living atmosphere. This effect ranges from casual yet sophisticated to cabin casual.
The color and shading of your hardwood floors also greatly impacts your home’s finished look. A light floor surface reflects more light back into your room, which gives an airier, more open feel to the space. More darkly shaded hardwood floors give your rooms a more substantial impact.
Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice to add to the overall ambiance of your home. However, it is important to consider what your decorating goals are before making a final decision on the wide plank hardwood that you want. Choose a variety of wide plank hardwood samples to judge how different types of hardwood impact your home decor.