Should I Choose Plank Flooring or Strip?

Solid hardwood flooring is available in two main forms: plank flooring and strip flooring. Strip flooring is a more modern traditional form of wooden flooring, and plank floors are a more modern take on an old world design. The kind of wood you should choose for your home depends on the size of the room you are decorating, your budget and how you want the room to look.
Strip flooring is made up of narrow strips of hardwood that are laid side by side. Strip floors tend to look plain and uniform, and they lack the charm of other kinds of wood. In contrast, plank flooring uses much wider wooden boards, which show off the natural appearance of the wood. Western WidePlank offers texture sanded planks of wood. These planks have been treated to bring out the natural grain of the wood, offering a natural, earthy appearance.
If you are investing in traditional wooden flooring, it makes sense to choose a flooring style that shows off the quality of the wood. Thin strips simply do not work as well for that purpose as broader planks. Wide planks are more visually appealing, easier to lay and generally more hard-wearing than thinner strips. They look good bare, and they look even better when treated with an appropriately colored wood stain.
No matter what kind of wood flooring you choose, take good care of it. Wood is highly susceptible to damage from dampness and excess water, so treat your flooring with a water-resistant finish. Hardwood planks are durable, and it is easier to replace individual wide planks on the floor should damage occur rather than individual strip flooring.

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