Choosing the Right Sealer/Finish for your Floor

Few floor types truly compete with hardwood floors, which are prized for their beauty and practicality. To keep your hardwood floors looking their best, take time to seal and finish them. However, first determine which sealer and finish are right for your particular floors. The following are the main types of sealer and finish.
Shellac is among the older finish types, and it is still used by some woodworkers for its high gloss and versatility. Varnish, as with shellac, is another type of finish that was used on floors prior to the 1960s. Lacquer, meanwhile, is fast-drying. It is generally applied with a sprayer rather than with a cloth or brush. Lacquer dries so quickly that it locks out dust and other contaminants. Polyurethanes offer the highest possible gloss and a durable finish. Wax, which is even older than shellac and varnish, soaks into the pores of wood before hardening. Used with a stain, it allows you to create the color of floor you prefer. Finally, there are wood floor oils that serve as penetrating sealers. Tung oil is the most popular of these, as it is easy to apply, self leveling, and time tested. We reccomend Waterlox Tung Oil.
Once it has the proper finish, your hardwood floor is likely to look beautiful for years. Whether you are preparing to restore an old hardwood floor or preparing to seal and finish a brand new one, make sure it is treated with care for the best possible look and protection.

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