Thinking of Switching to Wood Floors?

  • If you are leaning toward the move to wood flooring for your home or business, you should consider installing a beautifully classic wide plank floor for unparalleled beauty, durability and versatility.  Wide plank flooring has been in use for hundreds of years, with the earliest settlers first using the plentiful pines of the Northeast to create solid, durable floors that only improved over time, with use and age.  Even today, many of the colonial homes that are still in existence throughout the region still have their original wide plank flooring.

    There are different types of wood and different finishes to give you the floor of your dreams, regardless of whether you want to recreate the classic ambiance and craftsmanship of the colonial days, or your taste leads you to create a more modern, fashion-forward style.  There is wide plank flooring that will complement any decor and lifestyle.  You can choose between different grades for the exact look you hope to achieve, from a clear, streamlined knot-free appearance to the more natural grades that provide a more time-honored knotty look that has a little more character and depth of old world design.

    Traditional Flooring Ambiance

    Pines, Cherry, Walnut and oaks are the best for achieving your more traditional looks like Georgian, colonial or country styled homes.  They tend to be more rustic and natural looking, with a more knotty appearance, and they feature warmer tones with grains that are more pronounced.

    Contemporary and Fashionable Flooring

    Maples, Hickory and Birch are all proven woods to help create a modern, transitional or contemporary look.  They tend to reveal less of the grains, which appear tighter, and these woods generally look lighter in color and hue.  They work well to achieve a cleaner line to augment that of contemporary lines in the home.

    There are a variety of treatments and installations that will further create the exact look you hope to achieve, and once you transition to wide plank flooring, you’ll be glad you ditched the carpet, for a fresh, clean new beginning of living well.

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