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Why Use High Gloss Waterlox?

Today’s families are busy and on the move, producing a lot of traffic on floors and other household areas like countertops. If you have decided to protect your flooring with Waterlox, you made that choice wisely, knowing that Waterlox is the leader in providing superior finishes for not only flooriing but any other interior wood surface you may have. Waterlox High Gloss Finish is a great choice to produce spectacularly beautiful results for your floor’s finish, as they will glisten uniformly and dependably, and for a long, long time. Waterlox High Gloss Finish should be applied after you have applied the Waterlox Original Finish, and once cured, you will be able to relax, knowing you have used the best in floor sealants, and thus you are protecting a major investment from the forces that come from daily family life.

Waterlox comes in your choice of High Gloss Finish, Satin Finish and Original Finish. Formulated as a traditional interior penetrating Tung oil finish, Waterlox forms a protective, elastic finish that durably protects against common household spills, moisture and foot traffic. It’s easier to maintain than other interior clear finishes or surface finishes, as well.

The high gloss finish of Waterlox is the highest gloss level offered, and 90% of the resin portion of Waterlox comes from renewable, natural resources. Waterlox is a traditional, interior penetrating Tung oil finish that is designed to be brushed on, straight from the can. When used as a finishing system in conjunction with Waterlox Original Sealer/Finish, Waterlox High Gloss both penetrates and waterproofs. Due to it’s durable finish, it is easier to maintain than other interior surfaces finishes of any kind.

When you desire to protect any interior wood project like floors, windows, doors, cabinets, tables and various woodworking projects, down to the smaller items such as picture frames and fishing rods, you can depend on Waterlox to do the best job of providing a penetrated seal that will serve to protect whatever you apply it to, dependably and seamlessly. Once dry and fully cured, Waterlox is non-toxic, for the safety of every person and pet in the home.