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Room Updates: Moulding

When spring arrives we all get the natural urge to throw open the windows, dust off our rooms and update! Even if your budget doesn’t allow for a full remodel, you can completely change the complexion of any room by adding custom moldings.
What many people think of when they think molding is heavy, decorative crown molding, but there are a huge variety of wooden accents to update, or completely change, the look and feel of any room. Some basics on molding: The main terms you need when considering molding have to do with the profile of the molding. The profile is the side-view at the end. Some of the basic profiles Western WidePlank is offering are Eased Edges, S4S, Craftsman, Halland, 2 Crown Profiles, Quarter Round, Nosings and many more. All of these shapes have to do with how the shadow is thrown on the wall or ceiling from the molding. The Cyma and Ogee are actually combinations of the Cavetto and Ovolo. A much thinner filet molding can be placed above or below a basic molding to create an additional design detail. There are also flat moldings (often referred to in the building industry as just “woodwork”).
If you look up all the specific varieties of molding online it can be mind-boggling. Rather than feel overwhelmed, our advice to you is to simply look at what’s offered compared to your needs, and choose the molding that both attracts your senses and is practical for your intended use. For instance, a large crown molding would be far too big for a chair rail, but would be perfect across a high ceiling to create a more structured, classical look. Depending on your flooring, a baseboard may be a good choice as well, and create a wonderfully finished look regardless if it’s over carpet or hardwood.
Of course, we’re big fans of letting your wood’s natural beauty shine through with a light stain and varnish, but depending on the design, a painted molding can make a previously causal room take on a decidedly formal air.