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If you desire the “Log Home” look without the expense of buying a log home, we’ve got you covered. Our attractive log siding gets the real log appearance from our deep curve profile. The 2”x 8” D-Log siding installed is both substantial and attractive. It’s thick enough to be structural, wide and deep enough to look real, and goes up quickly and easily. With a generous relief cut in the back, this helps stabilize the planks and makes them easier to install over less than perfect surfaces. The 3/8” ship lap sheds water and debris away from your home or shop, helping keep your home or shop nice and dry.

- Available in Fir or Redwood.

If you’re looking for genuine Real Wood Siding that both protects your investment as it beautifies it, then our Redwood or Thermo-Treated Hardwood siding is for you. This classy beveled ship-lap siding will dress up and protect any structure. Fashioned to high standards these planks will give your residence the high-end custom home look and feel that only real wood siding provides. Redwood is one of the most durable renewable natural resources available today, and it is beautiful.  We also have chemical free Thermo-Treated Ash hardwood in our Real Wood Siding lineup. Thermo-Treated hardwood is rated to last 25 years in outdoor use and is dimensionally stable. Being chemical free makes it a wise environmentally friendly option too.  The heat and steam in the thermo treating process ads a beautiful brown tint to the woods natural grain.  Attractive profile options for both Redwood and Thermo Treated Ash range from the classic straightforward look to custom architectural millwork with accents. The only thing more attractive than this siding is our pricing.  Call today for a quote.

- Available in Redwood, Cedar, and Thermo Treated Ash.

If you need classic 2x6 or 2x8 Redwood decking *(S4S-2E) or Thermo-Treated exterior grade hardwood decking, we can craft what you need. An attractive, long lasting deck begins with your choice of decking materials. Keeping it real is our motto. If you love that healthy natural organic look that comes with quality real wood , but you also want longevity of use, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call. We’d love to help you.


-     Available in Cedar, Redwood, and Thermo Treated Ash.

*  S4S-2E = Surfaced 4 sides, ease 2 edges.