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In a perfect world…your Waterlox floor would look beautiful forever... however in the real world we have traffic patterns and children and shoes, and dogs and furniture and all floor finish will scratch and wear over time. Unlike other wood floor  finishes, Waterlox offers a handmade blend of tung oil and resin that penetrates the wood, yielding a rich, hand-rubbed look that is easy to maintain. When you floors need to be recoated, simply clean and apply a fresh coat of Waterlox.  No sanding is necessary. Waterlox is not available in all areas.

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LOBADUR® always the right product…

High-performing and environmentally aware – with outstanding durability and in a wide assortment of products. The LOBADUR® line is also ideal for professional use. The right product for every requirement – from residential to commercial applications, for a matt or glossy look and for color-stained floors. There’s too many color combinations to list, just ask!

WS 2K Supra

Two-component waterborne polyurethane finish with exceptional hardness, high elasticity and excellent chemical resistance.

Recommended Use:

In high traffic commercial areas. Suitable for wood floors. Can be used to recoat factory finished UV cured wood and cork floors in conjunction with WS 2K Contact.

Waterborne polyurethane formula for extreme wear resistance, Non yellowing

Excellent build through high solid content, Easy to use, no foaming, no lap marks

2K Invisible Protect

Two component waterborne thin film coating retains the natural appearance and feel of untreated wood while providing superior protection.

Recommended use:

Suitable for wood and cork floors in residential as well as high traffic commercial areas.

Meets the OSHA requirements for walking surfaces of 0.5 (ASTM D2047-04).


Very easy to to apply, Looks and feels like natural untreated wood.

Self sealing - no primer needed, Excellent chemical resistance

Non ambering, keeps the natural appearance of the wood

Create the look of natural oil with the prior use of HS 2K Intensive

WS Easy Finish

One-component, waterborne finish based on polyurethane-acrylate with excellent wear resistance and exceptional flow properties.

Recommended use:

Light commercial and high traffic domestic areas. Suitable for wood and cork floors.

Waterborne polyurethane-acrylate formula with excellent wear resistance

No pot life, no waste, excellent build through high solid content

Easy to use, no lap marks, Non yellowing


Innovative, waterborne maintenance oil for oiled wood floors, solvent-free.

Recommended Use:

For the initial treatment of hand-oiled wood, as well as for wood floors that have been factory pre-treated with oxidizing oils, if the use of maintenance oils is approved by the manufacturer. Not suitable for use on non-absorbent UV-oiled products.

Ready-to-use, solvent-free and soap-free

Reliably retains the matt finish of oiled hardwood floors or butcherblocks

Ideal for treating the whole floor or touching up smaller areas

Simple application with cloth or sponge

A superior solid wide-plank flooring adhesive without the width limitations of most flooring glues.

WAKOL MS 290 Wood Flooring Adhesive

WAKOL MS 290 Wood Flooring Adhesive, Firm, premium single component adhesive for the interior installation of 3/4” solid wood planks • End grain block • Engineered wood flooring with no limitations • WAKOL TS 102 Sound Dampening Underlayment • Tested Product system with Loba coatings, with system guarantee – ask Wakol for details.  • zero VOC • very easy clean up • solvent free, water free • approved for radiant heated floors • very high tensile strength • superior inner strength (E-Modulus) • can be used directly over WAKOL PU 280 Moisture Barrier. Firm, premium, single component, MS polymer adhesive for the interior installation of Wood flooring such as 3/4” r less solid strip, plank, finger parquet and engineered wood flooring of all dimensions.  Special Features: Glue down installation of 3/4”solids with no width Limitation 
• Very high e-modulus and shear strength • Easy clean up, will not etch prefinished surfaces • Very low Emission 
• Zero VOC • Long working time • Can be used directly over Wakol PU 280 Moisture Barrier. Working time: 40 minutes

WAKOL MS 260 Wood Flooring Adhesive

Firm-flexible, premium single component MS Polymer adhesive for the interior installation of 3/4” or less solid strip, planks up to 8“ wide, Bamboo, strand-woven or engineered up to 8” wide; end grain block; finger parquet; engineered wood flooring with no limitations as well as cork flooring with MDF or engineered core and Wakol Sound Underlayments. Can also be used as all-in-one adhesive with WAKOL B5 All in on blade for sound and moisture mitigation. Features:• Install 3/4” solids of up to 8” wide High e-modulus and shear strength • Very low emissions • Long working time • Zero VOC • Long working time • Can be used directly over Wakol Moisture Barrier • Working time:40 minutes Trowels and coverage: Wood Flooring: up to 60 - 70 sqft per gallon depending upon how flat and smooth the subfloor is.

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